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Divas team with Patient Navigators to educate over 3,000 women

annually on breast cancer

prevention, to provide social

support, health care

and resources.



Divas create a sense of

community and sisterhood 

by hosting monthly activities 

within their social networks to impact the lives of over

5,000 women annually.

​​Divas are empowered through a

1 year lay health worker training to increase access to culturally sensitive care to annually 

improve health outcomes 

for over 500 women. 


​                           202- 930-1749                                                  @DCPinkDivas       




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Why We Fight!

In the shadow of our Nation's Capitol women get breast cancer 20% more, are diagnosed later and die of breast cancer 40% more than the national average. And while white women are more likely to develop breast cancer, African American women die 41% more from breast cancer. African American women under age 40 also have a higher rate of breast cancer. Each day, African American and Latina women are more likely to be diagnosed with more aggressive tumors and at a later stage than white women. 

Our Mission

DC Pink Divas is a patient navigation, training and outreach program designed to combat breast cancer. "Divas" are lay health workers that educate, empower and impact women where they live, work, play and pray to insure that where a woman lives, does not determine if she lives. 

Because a zip code should never be a death sentence.